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A Digital Marketing Agency which adds long term value to your Chinook Valley brand.  Our services include: SEO, Web Development and other digital marketing strategies which help rank your Crypto, Local, Regional or International Website on the First Page of Google and see to a steady flow of leads and sales for your business.

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Gediminas Klepackas (CEO of
Gediminas Klepackas (CEO of
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It’s great working with a team that knows what they’re doing and cares about their clients. Guru has helped us find opportunities for growth and capitalize on them.
Tony G (Poker Star, Crypto Investor, and Philanthropist))
Tony G (Poker Star, Crypto Investor, and Philanthropist))
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The website which Guru SEO Services built is just what I was looking for. It’s well designed, quick, easy to use, and optimized for SEO.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Chinook Valley’s Source For Search Engine Optimization and Web Development

National Local SEO

National & Local Experts

Our SEO experts establish how the optimization plan will be implemented, assigning the appropriate key phrases to each page of your site. This crucial step ensures that your customers find you when they search for terms relevant to their business, products, or services. We are specialized in Cryptocurrency SEO Cryptocurrency SEO and can help your Crypto project rank on Google.

Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing

Cryptocurrency marketing revolves around developing a brand's website and community. There are thousands of coins, DAOs and ICOs which has resulted in a demanding market. We help blockchain/cryptocurrency projects to stand out.

Web Design Development

Web Design / Development

We design optimized, customized and stylish websites to make users fall in love with them. Having a professional web design will make a difference. Your page will not only be elegant and attractive, but it will also be functional and result-oriented. Convert your visitors into customers.

Content Development

Content Development

In our SEO agency, we know exactly how search engines 'see' the content of your website and how to position it above your competitors. That is why we are the best to take care of your content marketing strategy. We consider keyword usage, density, readability, semantics, unique content, and much more. With these actions, we achieve that the content of your website is perfectly optimized and that your website is positioned organically.

Search Phrase Keyword Analytics

Search Phrase / Keyword Analytics

At Guru Seo Services we analyze the factors that influence rankings to ensure that search engines can find the content we want to position and that they consider it relevant to users. We analyze and evaluate the factors that are currently affecting the indexation and detect opportunities for improvement at a technical, performance, and content level to make your site increase its visibility at an organic level.


Success Cases

We have achieved amazing results in almost every industry in over 20 countries.

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Global Customers

We work with global brands from Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia

You’ve come to the right place! Our Guru Web Design experts develop SEO optimized websites for businesses.  We create new websites, make improvements, or redesign. Also, we have extensive experience in on-page SEO. Your website will be developed, reviewed by SEO specialists and managed by our team of professionals.

We build websites which rank and adapt to your business and needs.

There are many things an SEO expert can do for your company. From providing a study of keywords using the latest seo tools that should be added to your content, to creating a sitemap, there are many ways the company can help you.

We can even provide a tutorial if need be to your team.

One of the best things that an expert can do is to make sure that you have Google ranking your website. This is done by employing different techniques such as keyword optimization, content optimization, among others.

The amount of traffic coming from Google is not easy, which makes businesses generate revenue in other ways. As such, more and more companies are turning to other methods such as social media marketing, PPC advertising, and video marketing.  The issue is that these cost money each month versus SEO which is a one time cost typically and pays benefits over time.

Websites vary depending on complexity.  A site may have a small number of pages or many and may sell products or just marketing products or service information. A few key factors include the number of pages, is e-Commerce required, is custom development required, and whether there is existing content and creative / imagery available.  Guru SEO and Web Design Services is happy to develop a quote that exactly matches your business requirements.

We have done it before using a lot more than Yoast SEO. We know what SEO is and have ranked companies like yours from scratch to 20,000 visitors a month and consult to organizations with over 500,000 visitors a month.

Guru SEO and Web Design Services has a wide range of professionals, experienced in the company of knowledge and studies in an area that can only be synonymous with success when applied in the area you want to work. The main difference is the optimized times to obtain real results that end up speaking for themselves.

You only have to observe the successful cases of the wide list of clients we work with and in this way. You will be able to identify yourself or anticipate the future success that means to start the collaboration with our professionals.

Few agencies are on the rise like ours, we work by example, and the most relevant action that you can take as a guarantee is our numerous pages indexed in high positions within the most relevant search engine on the planet. If you still have doubts we invite you to contact us. We can clarify your queries without problems.

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Years in Digital Marketing
World achievements across many industries in the field of digital marketing which have added great value to our clients
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We work with all sizes of clients from local and crypto projects just starting out to large international news agencies

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Growth Limits

We limit growth to 1 to 2 clients perm month to ensure we offer the highest quality to every client

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Positive Reviews

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 focus.  It’s important to us that every client has a positive experience.


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