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We perform a complete analysis of your website’s performance, user experience, loading speed, and more to reveal improvements, updates, and bugs that affect the positioning.


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Data analysis is the starting point of any organic positioning strategy. By analyzing each of the elements that affect the positioning of our website, we can define which are the points to improve. We can establish a specific action plan that brings results. At Guru Seo Services we analyze the factors that influence SEO to ensure that search engines can find the content we want to position and that they consider it relevant to users.Each website is different, so we cannot start working without a thorough analysis of the website. We analyze and evaluate the factors that are currently affecting the indexation and detect opportunities for improvement at a technical, performance, and content level that will make the site increase its visibility at an organic level. In this way, the site will be positioned at the top of the search results.


Nowadays technical SEO is a “must-have” for search engine optimization. By understanding and analyzing the technical aspects and elements of your website, you will be able to understand what steps are necessary to improve your SEO positioning. Therefore, we analyze the indexability in Google, the errors and alerts of your page, the resources, loading times and size of the site, and the loading speed and traffic by type of devices (mobile and desktop).


Do not forget the most important actor on your website: The user. Enhancing a good user experience will not only pay off in terms of conversion but also in terms of rankings and SEO. If Google detects that your website and its content have been helpful to the user, this will translate into improved rankings in the SERP for your website.Therefore, we analyze click-through depths (how many clicks a user has to make to reach a specific page), semantic relevance, brand authority, click-through rate (CTR), and loading speed on various devices.

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