Why You Should Hire a Crypto Marketing Agency

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Why should you hire a crypt marketing agency for web design and SEO services?

Why You Should Hire a Crypto Marketing Agency  

We know that improving online presence, data privacy, analytics, and driving e-commerce are assets for businesses adapting to the latest technology of blockchain. But it’s no easy feat to keep up to date with blockchain while developing and running your business.  

That’s where Guru SEO comes in. We offer specialized SEO services, including crypto digital marketing and blockchain marketing services, and are an ICO & NFT marketing agency.  

What is Blockchain? 

One of the most promising technologies developed in today’s digital information and communication age is blockchain. It is defined as a system of recording information, like a ledger of transactions or entries, and it the information cannot be easily changed. This makes blockchain difficult to cheat or hack, which is essential for cryptocurrency.  

The information is copied and distributed across networks and computer systems that are on the blockchain. Transactions in the blockchain are secure, private, and verified, but there is no central authority. Every new block is the one and only version as agreed upon by all nodes in the blockchain.  

Who Uses Blockchain? 

The New York Times said that all Bitcoin transactions were stored on a database considered the original blockchain. However, many companies and governments not related to the currency industry can use blockchain technology to store data.  

Blockchain has expanded the digitalization of many fields. It’s used in banking, AI, healthcare, IoT, insurance, cyber security, and of course, marketing. Blockchain marketing has become the heart of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that offer logs for various transactions. It is a transparent, decentralized, and secure platform for stakeholders to use.  

The use of blockchain in marketing is expanding. Blockchain is an essential feature of marketing as it directly supports the development of e-commerce through the IoT, advertising, and cryptocurrency. More specifically, blockchain provides quick transitions with little to no transaction cost, minimal go-betweens involved, and more consumer control over personal information.  

Transactions can be completed on platforms and networks that use private blockchains, which use cryptographic identities. These transactions solve the issue of using public, anonymous blockchains and mean consumers have greater trust in your business.   

Blockchain Marketing Services  

Let’s look at existing digital marketing challenges these blockchain startups face and then weigh them against the advantages of outsourcing them. Blockchain marketing services are good for cryptocurrency businesses. 

Crypto Digital Marketing Services  

A lot of growth is needed to compete in the crypto market. That’s why we offer PPC, content, SEO, and web design to help you rank higher on search engines and reach a larger online community. These features will drive more traffic to your website. It can also increase the number of people who purchase NFT and blockchain crypto projects from your website. 


Top-notch SEO is an asset in increasing traffic to your website and improving your online presence. We have a proven, results-oriented process to enhance your search engine rankings. In short, we research what your business versus your competitor is doing, create new content and infographics, and source the most relevant information from webmasters. As a result, we can offer an excellent return on your investment in the timeliest way possible.  

Web Design 

Sometimes, the biggest priority to increase traffic and purchases on your website is the website’s design. At Guru, we don’t underestimate the importance of web design and content development. Having a customized website that represents your corporate image and displays your business values is an asset in establishing credibility and trust from consumers.  

We study the persona of your consumers to create the most engaging digital experience. We also ensure the website, and its features work flawlessly by testing them across all major device types, operating systems, and browsers.   


Having copywriters that are well-informed about crypto are a must in an SEO team in this industry. In addition, these writers need to create original content that is interesting to consumers and will increase rankings in Google. That is exactly what we offer. You can read about our strategies for digital content optimization. 

Basic Attention Tokens 

Blockchain, crypto, and ICO & NFT marketing agencies can also use Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to improve the security, speed, and effectiveness of digital advertising. BAT uses blockchain technology to track users’ attention and time on a website. BAT rewards the advertiser through sales, the publisher through commission, and the user through a reward for watching ads. When this digital advertising token is exchanged, this means this user, publisher and advertisers become connected, but in a non-centralized way. BAT is key for driving web traffic through online ads and marketing content.   

Guru SEO offers different marketing strategies to ensure your business receives the most efficient and thorough care. We aim to help your business build an online presence, increase website traffic, and turn visitors into customers.  

Challenges of Blockchain Startups 

Skills Gap and Lack of Adopting 

Blockchain is still an emerging technology that requires narrow, specialized skills. It also requires a business to adopt and adapt to its changes, which became complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic. More regulations are on the way, too. Therefore, hiring a specialized team is an asset.  

Trusting the Unknown 

Walking into a blockchain marketing agency for crypto digital marketing services can feel intimidating and stressful for business owners. Gaining consumer trust is vital and not helped by the numerous cryptocurrency marketing startups. There are so many out there! Reputation, transparency, and results are essential. Guru SEO Services is an established and experienced agency that offers excellent communication and affordability.  


Not only is it difficult to confide trust in a marketing agency, finding an affordable one can be an equal headache. We compete with American and European marketing services by charging in Canadian dollars, offering most organizations immediate discounts and guaranteeing responsible SEO pricing. 

Lack of Consumer Control 

Consumers may be intimidated by the one-way nature of many cryptocurrencies. There is no centralized authority to ensure they can control their funds once transferred. There are risks in blockchains in which the other party uses fraudulent activity, like a stolen credit card, to cause losses to the consumer. Each business will have a different approach to addressing this, including Guru.  


Blockchain-specific vocabulary is scarce and new, leading some executives only to have a vague understanding of it. This lack of knowledge and vocabulary can make it difficult to market without professional blockchain marketing and crypto digital marketing services.  

Ineffective Web Design 

Crypto and blockchain businesses make common SEO mistakes that hold them back. These include poor website structure, not using content management systems, and ignoring blogging. These features help verify your website as a reliable, up-to-date source of information for customers. You can read our complete Cryptocurrency SEO Guide for more information on effective web design for SEO. 

What are the Advantages of Blockchain Marketing Services? 

There are many advantages to working with an SEO ICO & NFT marketing agency specializing in blockchain and crypto digital marketing services. 

Specialist Knowledge 

Blockchain marketing services require an experienced, dedicated team that works in the field. We can test anything from your brand to your market using various content. We also have up-to-date knowledge of consumer marketing laws and ethics and 14 years of experience delivering these services. If there are risks, audit compliance concerns, or scaling problems, Guru’s knowledge will mitigate and solve these.  

Save Time, Save Money 

The time your business saves using these services is highly significant. Digital marketing agencies like Guru can get going in very little time. In addition, outsourcing your digital marketing takes off the hiring process’s uncertainty, pressure, HR work, and cost.  

Focus on What’s Important 

You can focus on the most important features of your blockchain business when you hire external marketing services. For example, you can use that time to develop the products themselves. You oversee your business operations, while an agency will focus on increasing web traffic and leads.  


Using blockchain marketing services will promote your business effectively as it evolves with blockchain technology. Blockchain digital marketing services can adapt to startups and established players. In addition, we can offer long-term or short-term marketing plans.   

Having Real-time Analytics 

A big advantage of using crypto digital marketing agencies like Guru is the thorough analytical work. We measure website performance, user engagement, consumer profiles, and much more. In addition, you can find more information about how we conduct data analysis.  

Build a Core, Informed Audience 

While searching for and securing investments is the main focus of many blockchain startups, keeping your audience updated is what will make your business last. Blockchain startups are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, so you need a marketing company that is too. We can back up this knowledge and promote your company to the public and investors. 

ICO, NFT: Marketing Essentials for Cryptocurrency 

What are ICOs? 

Simply put, ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are a form of cryptocurrency that businesses can use to raise funds. 

ICOs are traded as crypto tokens, categorized as utility tokens and security tokens. Utility tokens are like purchasing something on pre-sales. They offer a digital coupon for future access to a product or service. An external, tradeable asset gives security tokens value. Once the token is classified, it can be given various permissions such as representing a share in company stocks.  

ICOs have been met with skepticism in the past because of their presence on social media. Some ICOs have received celebrity endorsements to promote products unfaithfully, for example. As a result, the cryptocurrency community has demanded that ICOs remain transparent. Part of this transparency is hiring those familiar with ICO in marketing teams and agencies like Guru SEO.  

ICOs are critical to funding project development as they represent a means of crowdfunding through the creation and sale of these digital tokens. In addition, ICOs are an innovative way to let investors help grow your business and ease issues with funding that come with traditional business structures.  

What are NFTs?  

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, and they are tokens attached to an asset. Non-fungible means it can’t be exchanged with other NFTs, as each NFT has its own unique value. However, they can be bought with crypto, usually Ethereum, and can be things like art, music, GIFs, collectibles, and assets for video games or virtual words.  

NFTs can often take the form of digital files that anyone can view, but only one person can own, sell, and have the right to display online. They can potentially be sold for a profit later or be displayed in personal NFT galleries. Some NFT features aren’t unlocked until the second purchase; meanwhile, the artist collects royalties at each purchase of the NFT.  

Some see NFTs as a one-of-a-kind brand experience for consumers. It offers them something tangible to represent this. NFTs are great for cryptocurrency marketing because they are a unique type of crypto asset. NFTs have a virtual value that you as a company can own, which can then be sold or traded securely on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Work with Guru SEO 

At Guru, we commend businesses integrating blockchain into their practice and operations. It makes blockchain more accessible. Our crypto and blockchain marketing services support those businesses. We provide a quality, affordable service delivered by a specialized and up-to-date team. Our main goals for all our crypto clients are clear:  

  1. Improve online rankings and presence.  
  1. Generate income from day one. 
  1. Turn visitors into customers.  

Turning to marketing agencies is not an easy decision. But, neither is the headache of solving the issues that arise from the ever-changing blockchain networks on your own. With crypto markets and blockchain networks still developing, it’s essential to keep updated with the latest advantages and challenges. If you’re interested in reading more about blockchain and cryptocurrency SEO, you can deep dive into our Cryptocurrency SEO Guide.   

It can be even more important for you and your business to have a trustworthy agency like Guru SEO Services in arm’s reach. Together, we can discuss how you can stay involved in the latest digital marketing strategies for crypto and blockchain businesses. So, let’s get the discussion started.  

Contact us today!  

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