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Experience enhanced website performance and dependability with our premium hosting services, tailored to accelerate your site’s speed and uptime. Our scalable solutions are designed to grow with your business, ensuring your online operations are smooth and efficient. Trust in our expert support team, ready to assist you in optimizing your site and boosting your search engine rankings, helping you maintain a strong and consistent online presence.

Enter Guru SEO and Web Design Services, based in Red Deer, where strategic, data-driven marketing and web design are at the heart of what we do.

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Blazing-Fast Speeds

Partnering with leading cloud providers, we ensure 99.99% uptime and impressive loading speeds of 200–400 milliseconds

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Benefit from end-to-end encryption, free SSL certification, two-factor authentication, and advanced DDoS attack mitigation with Cloudflare Enterprise.

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Scalability and Flexibility

No delays during traffic spikes or growth. Scale effortlessly with Cloudways for additional resources when needed.

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Starts at $100(CAD)
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Guru SEO Services

Comprehensive Website Maintenance Features

Website Backup Solutions

  • Comprehensive WordPress Backups: Secure backups of your entire WordPress site, encompassing files, plugins, themes, settings, databases, posts, comments, pages, and media.
  • Efficient Backup Process: Our backups are designed to be lightweight, avoiding the creation of large zip files that can slow down your site and overload your server.
  • Incremental Backup Technology: Only the changes made to your site are backed up every 24 hours, minimizing the use of site resources.

Data Security and Backup Management

  • Enterprise-Grade Data Security: Encrypted backups are stored across multiple data centers, included at no extra cost.
  • Offsite Independent Backups: Backups stored independently of your WordPress site or web host, ensuring safety even in extreme scenarios.
  • Integrated Cloud Storage: Comprehensive backup storage on our cloud, handling even gigabytes of data without additional costs.

WordPress Activity Log

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Our tool monitors all site changes, including posts, comments, user activity, page edits, file changes, WooCommerce events, plugin updates, and theme changes.

Advanced WordPress Monitoring

  • Uptime Monitoring: Regular site probes to detect downtime instantly, with alarms triggered even when the site is served from the cache.
  • Performance Monitoring: Ongoing tracking of your site’s Core Web Vitals score, providing detailed performance insights and the impact of changes over time.

Visual Regression Testing

  • Safe Updates: Updates for plugins and themes are done through our dashboard, with visual regression tests to ensure site integrity.

Robust WordPress Security

  • High-Performance Security Solutions: Automatic malware scans, one-click malware removal, and real-time firewall for comprehensive security without slowing down your site.
  • Instant Malware Removal: Quick and effective cleaning of all malware.
  • Proactive Vulnerability Alerts: We receive alarms for detected vulnerabilities in plugins or themes.

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Our cutting-edge strategies and personalized approach ensure your business stands out in the digital landscape, attracting more visitors and potential customers. 
Partner with us to transform your online visibility and propel your website to the top of search engine results, unlocking a new level of success for your business.

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Included Premium Plugins

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Focused on improving website speed and performance, Perfmatters is an essential tool for optimizing WordPress sites. It helps in reducing HTTP requests, stripping out code, and minimizing back-end load.
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WP Rocket

A leading caching plugin for WordPress, WP Rocket enhances site speed and performance. It optimizes caching, file compression, and media loading, contributing to a significant boost in site speed.
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Formidable Pro

A versatile WordPress form builder, Formidable Pro allows you to create complex forms with ease. It's ideal for surveys, quizzes, registration forms, and more, with robust data management capabilities.
Logo of elementor, featuring a red oval and the word "elementor" in stylized dark letters.

Elementor Pro

A popular page builder plugin, Elementor Pro offers a drag-and-drop interface for creating beautiful web pages. It's known for its flexibility, ease of use, and a wide array of features that enable you to design your site exactly how you want it.
Logo of the australian conservation foundation (acf), featuring the acronym "acf" in white letters centered on a teal circular background.


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro enhances WordPress with powerful custom fields. This tool is essential for developers looking to create more bespoke sites with rich content and tailored user experiences.
Logo of amelia featuring a stylized blue flower icon next to the word "amelia" in dark blue font.

Amelia Pro

A comprehensive booking plugin, Amelia Pro is perfect for businesses needing a reliable appointment or event booking system. It automates booking processes, manages schedules, and offers a seamless user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Dive into our FAQ section for answers and get to know how we work our magic.

What types of backups does your service offer for WordPress sites?
We offer comprehensive backups for WordPress sites, from files, plugins and themes, to your database, posts, comments, pages, and media. Our backups are efficient, minimizing server load and ensuring your site remains fast. We also utilize incremental backup technology, where only the recent changes to your site are backed up every 24 hours.
We specialize in seamless WordPress migrations, ensuring minimal impact on your website’s functionality and user experience. Our process involves meticulous planning and execution, with advanced tools to transfer your site to its new hosting environment without any downtime. This approach guarantees a smooth transition, maintaining your site’s availability and performance throughout the migration.
We prioritize your website’s security with several robust measures. This includes enterprise-grade encryption for backups, regular malware scans, instant malware removal, and a real-time firewall. Additionally, our proactive vulnerability alerts help quickly address any potential security risks.
Our performance monitoring involves tracking your site’s Core Web Vitals score and providing detailed insights into its performance. This helps you understand the impact of any changes you make over time, ensuring optimal performance and a great user experience.
Our comprehensive maintenance package includes a wide array of services to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly. This encompasses text updates, link and image modifications, menu item changes, metadata updates, URL changes, new advertisement uploads, product modifications in catalogues or e-commerce systems, calendar event updates, and various code modifications including PHP, MySQL, HTML, and JavaScript. We also offer more advanced services like adding new pages, creating online forms, integrating Google Analytics/Sitemaps, and setting up CMS, maps, product catalogues, shopping carts, and payment gateways.