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What Is Link Building?

Link Building plays a pivotal role in SEO as it drives organic traffic via search engines.


Webpages with a higher number of links, rank higher on Search Engines. 

Link building describes the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites. These hyperlinks, also known as backlinks, will improve search engine visibility and help your website’s overall ranking.

When done right, link building is an incredible SEO tool that can shape and boost your business. However, the only way for it to work is if it’s combined with other practices like web design and development, content development and optimization, and SEO services.

How Link Building Works

Search engines use links in two fundamental ways:

  • To determine how high a page should rank
  • To discover new pages

Once search engines crawl pages on a website, they extract the content, and add it to their indexes. While doing so, search engines decide if a page is good enough to be ranked for relevant keywords.

While search engines are trying to decide whether to rank a webpage, they look at the number of websites and how many links each website has pointed to it.


So the more high-quality websites that are linking to you – the more likely it is that your website is going to rank well.

What Makes a Backlink Good

When it comes to knowing what makes a link good or bad, Google is as inscrutable as ever. But there are cornerstones to link building that can typically make or break a site.

It Has Authority

One thing that any search engine will look for is the authority of the page that is linking to yours. Authority is an SEO concept that refers to the overall quality of a website or page, and the higher its score, the more weight its backlinks have.

It Has Relevance

When it comes to links, another critical factor is always going to be relevance. Beyond looking at keywords, Google will also determine whether those linking to you are relevant to your industry and website. Guru SEO Services can help you get links that truly matter from websites that matter most.

It Has Solid Placement

Another factor that plays an important role in the value of a backlink is placement. Where the link is placed on the page will directly speak to its authority. That is to say that links in sidebars and footers, or those low in a page’s content, may not be worth as much as ones that are high in the page’s body.

It Has Relevant Anchor Text

Anchor text (the clickable text that appears in a hyperlink) is essential because both readers and search engines use it to determine what a linked page is about. So the more relevant and descriptive the anchor text is – the better.

Why You Need Link Building

The easiest way to understand why link building is a crucial part of a solid SEO strategy is by looking at it as a vote of confidence about a page.

Every vote will suggest that your content is valuable, useful, and credible. And for that, you’ll be rewarded with a high search engine ranking. Here’s where we fit in.

Earn a Vote of Confidence From Those Who Matter

With our link-building tactics, we can help create industry ties that can help take your business to the next level. Our custom-curated content plan and SEO strategy will help give you organic support from reputable and highly-ranked sites.

Boost Your Website Ranking

By giving your website high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority, we can improve your rankings. We will also add to your SEO strategy, ensuring the best possible results.

Improve Your Brand Visibility and Revenue

When we improve your website’s rankings, we’ll make your brand and business more visible to a bigger number of people. That, in turn, leads to more traffic, more clicks, and more revenue.

Our Cutting Edge Link Building Strategies Include

At Guru SEO Services, we always try to be at the forefront of the latest SEO strategies and trends. We employ state-of-the-art tools, expert advice, and link-building strategies.

Here’s how we’re able to take your website to the next level.


We can create a healthy backlink profile for your website by giving you a full outreach service. We connect with other websites, bloggers, and freelancers within your industry to make sure the links are relevant to you.

Content-Based Link Building

With our in-house team of content developers and designers, we can create assets for your website that we in turn use to get links. We can offer a wide variety of content types, including blogs, guides, infographics, and more.

Not only that, but we can also update existing content to make it more appealing for building links.

Guest Blogging

Another link-building tactic we use to get you more links is guest blogging. By creating unique, informative, and relevant content, we can leverage it to get more links. We do so by publishing content as guest posts on websites where your target audience spends most of their time. Not only does that help in link-building efforts, but also boosts brand visibility.

Broken Link Building

The internet is chock-full of broken links that simply don’t work anymore or with pages that no longer exist. Sometimes, these links can take up prime digital real estate because they’re on websites with high domain authority. One way we can get your links out there is by doing broken link building.

Using this strategy, we can find links that no longer work on websites related to your industry. From there on, we can reach out and recommend your links instead.

Link Reclamation

Using specialty tools and tactics, we can also do link reclamation. That means we can take care of links that already point to your website but either aren’t working or aren’t providing any real SEO value.

Creating Linkable Assets

Linkable assets or linkbait are other strategies we use to ensure a better link profile. These assets refer to content that is specifically crafted to attract links, and they can take many different forms. These could be studies, research, industry surveys, awards, rankings, online tools, and more.

Finding Unlinked Brand Mentions

Oftentimes, other websites and content developers might mention your brand or business but won’t link to it. However, with the right outreach strategy and approach, most are happy to turn that unlinked mentioned link around.

Examining Competitor’s Backlinks

By reverse engineering your competitors’ backlink strategies, we can tell who the industry leaders are and who has good domain authority. We can also see which types of content tend to earn the most backlinks. Armed with that information, we can adopt a strategy to match and exceed your competitors.

Doing a Backlink Gap Analysis

With a backlink gap analysis, we can see which websites are linking to your competitors but not to you. That can tell us the type of content that attracts the most links and the websites willing to post content similar to or the same as yours.

Keeping Track of All Our Efforts

The only way to determine whether all the link-building metrics and techniques are effective is by keeping track of efforts.

Link building takes lots of time, effort, and patience so one way to ensure it’s paying off is by running audits. These audits can help us keep track of your earned and lost links, as well as overall backlink quality.

Some other metrics to keep track of include:

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Page rank
  • Number of links
  • Linking root domains and more.

Why Choose Guru SEO Services

When you hire Guru SEO Services, you have access to a team of industry professionals who know what it takes to make your website stand out in the digital space.

Our web developers know exactly how to create the best, most-eye-catching website and our SEO experts know how to put it on the map. Not only that, but we have in-house content developers, social media marketers, and outreach specialists.

At Guru SEO Services, we provide clients with comprehensive digital marketing services that are relevant to their business and industry.

When it comes to your link-building needs, we will carry out a complete website audit to determine the best strategy based on your backlink profile. We can customize it so that it’s focused on your business objectives and SEO.

Not only that, but at Guru SEO Services, we will do an evaluation of your inbound links on a regular basis while reporting and monitoring progress.

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Top LinkBuilding FAQ Questions

By employing link-building techniques, businesses can put their websites on the map. These practices can allow websites to have a higher domain authority, which translates into better search engine ranking. Not only that, but backlinks give websites credibility and help generate organic traffic.

The time it takes will depend on a number of factors, including the authority of the site, the brand’s popularity, the types of pages there are, traffic trends, industry, budget, SEO, content, and more. We at Guru SEO Services will work tirelessly to give our clients the best possible results in the shortest time frames. However, we also understand that seeing the true results of any strategy will take time.

Black hat SEO and backlink practices offer short-term results but at a potentially high price. These are practices that Google and other search engines look down on and even penalize. On the other hand, white hat SEO and practices are what search engines want you to be doing. They follow all the proper guidelines to create a long-term game plan and strong results.

Link-building campaigns are plans that put focus on long-term business goals—for instance, finding and acquiring links for specific purposes of the business website. Whether you do it alone or have a link-building agency do it for you, it uses processes and strategies to achieve this goal.
Every digital marketing segment must have a strategy for achieving the ultimate goal. It is the same with link building. It sets precise requirements and ways to acquire links. Press releases, content marketing, email outreach, and broken link building can be used.

The first thing that most link-building companies do is craft a message to send to blog owners, websites, businesses, and more. But there is a good chance they will never answer or ignore the notice altogether. Why? Because the majority of these people get thousands of emails a day. The goal here is to craft a good note and have shareable content. The crafted message has to contain three things:

  • why they should consider sharing your content,
  • showing that you are genuine and not a spammer, 
  • and tell them what exactly you want from them. 

Content links are what you see within blog posts, for example. There is a word or phrase that has a hyperlink leading to another page. That can also be an image or other content that drives the user to a specific destination. 

You may often hear the phrase that content is king. That is because everything you do for SEO is based on and relies on content. If you have a blank page, there are slim chances of attracting valuable traffic. Hence, that content has to mean something to the reader. That way, it’s shareable and useful. Here are some content examples that are best for link-building opportunities:

Infographics – Some people want information without reading too much about the topic. Many use useful infographics that sum up the subject in question. 

White papers – For those who prefer in-depth topics, white papers are a great way to find a way and appeal to the targeted audience

Data and research – The audience’s pressing questions are sometimes quickly distributed through research and data on specific topics. As a result, surprising numbers are almost always appealing to the users.

Webinars – Most marketers have surprising results using webinars and podcasts to their advantage. That means including clickable links and surveys after it. 

Videos – Many businesses have just recently realized the power of video. It’s a quick way to send information and messages; if done correctly, it can gain a lot of valuable traffic. 

People often use these terms simultaneously, but they are not the same. For example, link building is the process of acquiring links; backlinks are the hyperlinks leading back from one site to another. 

There are many steps while building links for your website, and it all starts with the content you will point to. Whether it’s a blog post, landing page, or video, you must create something valuable for your targeted audience. 

The next step is to find a list of prospects you can contact to share your content or link to it. Again, you can use tools or do this manually. The last steps are crafting and sending the email with which you will pitch your prospects. It has to be well prepared as many websites receive thousands of these emails daily. 

The Internet is a vast place, and it gets harder to get traffic each year. The basic SEO techniques can help your business grow by:

  • increasing visibility
  • improve search rankings
  • increase referral traffic
  • improve brand awareness

Link building is an integral part of SEO, and any website needs to rank higher on search engine results pages. With the right link-building tools, you can create and manage a strong link profile for your website. Here are the top 5 link-building tools that can help in SEO:

#1 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular link-building tools many SEO professionals use. It helps to identify link opportunities and provides detailed reports on your competitors. It also has a tool to analyze the quality of links and enables you to track the progress of your link-building campaigns. 

#2 Majestic

Majestic is another tool for link building, as it provides detailed and summary reports on the link profiles of your competitors. It also helps you identify new link-building opportunities. In addition, Majestic includes detailed information on any website’s trust and citation flow.

#3 Semrush

Semrush is a great all-in-one tool. However, link building helps you identify your competitors’ link profiles and analyze the links’ quality. It also lets you track your campaign’s progress and analyze competitors’ link-building strategies. 

#4 Moz Link Explorer

Moz is another excellent tool often used in SEO for various purposes. It helps identify link opportunities and get detailed reports on link quality. You can also create a new link strategy and track its progress. 

#5 Monitor Backlinks

Monitor backlinks give you an insight into competitors’ links and their quality. You get detailed reports, and you can track progress on any of your link-building campaigns. 

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from one website to another. It’s an essential part of search engine optimization. Link building is the process of increasing the trustworthiness and authority of a website. With that, it helps increase visibility and traffic to a website. 

Link building involves different steps:

  • Identifying and selecting relevant websites to build links. This website has to be relevant in topic to the site you are linking to
  • Building relationships with these websites. Link building is an ongoing process involving outreach and communication with the website owners.
  • Creating content relevant to the website should be informative, engaging, and attractive for readers. 
  • Link placement which includes links in specific places on the website page. Commonly they are within the content, end of the content. The sidebars are not recommended as an option. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the links to ensure they are working correctly and oversee their performance. 

Link building is a part of digital marketing strategy. A successful link-building method involves careful planning, research, and execution. 

The first element is to identify quality link opportunities. That means researching and analyzing competitors’ websites and looking for opportunities to build similar high-quality links. The bottom line is to investigate and confirm that the link partner has the dominant authority and a good reputation. 

The second element is content creation. High-quality content relevant to the website can help attract links naturally. It includes writing blog posts, infographics, or videos. The goal is to create and optimize content for keywords related to the website and include links within the content.

Lastly, the third element is outreach. After content creation, it is essential to reach out to websites and blogs related to the website being linked to. 

Link building is an integral part of any business’s online presence. It’s an effective way to increase your website’s visibility, trustworthiness, and authority, which can help drive more traffic, customers, and potential partners to your business. It can be done in various ways, including content marketing, guest posting, social media, etc.

In essence, each link votes for your website, showing other websites that you have something valuable to offer. The more links you have to your pages, the more authoritative and trustworthy your website appears to search engines and other web users. 

Link building also helps to increase referral traffic and brand awareness as the links spread the message to other websites and sources. Additionally, you are building relationships with businesses, bloggers, and websites that can benefit your business in the long run as they have access to your audience. 

It’s an essential part of any business’s online presence; it helps you rank higher, increase traffic, and increase brand awareness. 

Link building is still relevant for SEO because it is one of the most critical factors in search engine ranking. Search engines use link building to measure the quality and relevance of a website. The more quality links a website has, the more likely it is to rank higher on the results page. Quality links can help build trust and credibility with potential customers, which leads to more sales.

Link farming is another controversial and unethical topic in the SEO world. It is an online marketing tactic that involves creating links to a website to increase its visibility. However, it harms the website’s search engine rankings and can even result in penalties by search engines.

Link farming is essentially an attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms. These websites provide links to various websites to inflate the number of backlinks to a particular webpage artificially. The issue with this is that the links are usually poor quality and unrelated to the content on the destination website. 

Not only is it unethical, but it’s also not working. Search engines constantly update their algorithms and detect link farms. Unfortunately, that means the website using their services will drop significantly in search engine rankings. 

Guest posting is the oldest and most effective strategy to build backlinks. It means writing and publishing posts on another website. The primary purpose is to build relationships with other bloggers, increase brand awareness, and gain quality backlinks. It allows you to tap into the established audience of another website and get seen by more people. Additionally, you build relationships with other bloggers in your niche, which can lead to future collaborations. 

There are many ways to link building without guest posting. The most common is submitting your business information in relevant directories such as industry-specific local directories. 

You can also create content that will add value to other websites, such as infographics, videos, and other forms of content. If you create content that adds value to the conversation, other websites will be inclined to link to it.

Participating in forums and discussion boards relevant to your industry is another way to build links by providing answers and insights on these platforms. 

There are a few ways to find do-follow links. The first one is to use a link checker tool, which allows you to input a domain, and it will crawl through the website and report back any do-follow links. 

Another way is to search manually, right-click the page opened in your browser, and click on the source. Unfortunately, if you find the rel=” nofollow” attribute among code, the website does not allow do-follow links, which will not help your SEO rankings. 

Getting a do-follow link can be difficult, as many websites give only no-follow links. But here is the way you can get do-follow links:

  • Create quality content. You must have heard it a million times, but only the value content will get linked. 
  • Relevant blogging, if your niche requires expertise, you must use your knowledge to offer new insight into the topic. 
  • Guest posting is still a great way to gain links and build relationships with people in your industry.
  • Networking with people in your niche can build relationships that will give you do-follow links even if you do not ask.

Everything mentioned above is included in link-building services, from content to outreach and directory submissions. It involves various techniques to ensure you get a do-follow link and improve your website’s rankings. 

A link-building agency is a company that specializes in providing link-building services to its clients. The agency helps clients build links to their websites and provide advice and guidance on using link-building to achieve SEO goals. 

Link-building agencies typically provide services, including link analysis, strategy development, link outreach, and content creation. For example, link analysis looks at the current backlinks pointing to a website, and helps the agency identify opportunities. Ultimately, the link-building agency will provide you with reports and analysis to track your progress in their link-building campaign.

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