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If you are looking for a Shopify or WordPress website, look no further. We’ve helped dozens of clients set up blogs, e-commerce solutions, and responsive websites which get traffic organically

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Our repeatable SEO and Website Design / Web Design process has proven results!

Are you looking for an online presence which represents your brand?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. You can rely on our design services to give your company an identity that generates a memorable impact on your customers and effectively positions your products or services.

Red Deer Web Design and Website Development

WordPress and Shopify Development Services

If you are looking for a WordPress or Shopify website, look no further.

TIRED OF NOT GETTING ANY TRAFFIC FROM YOUR WEBSITE? We have a proven process to get organic traffic.

We have helped dozens of clients setup Shopify e-commerce websites or WordPress blogs, publicly traded company pages, news websites, band websites, etc. We work closely with our clients to develop amazing custom websites designed to connect you with your customers and position your brand. Book a call and we can show off how our websites convert traffic into revenue, ultimately becoming your best salesperson. Our digital strategy revolves around channeling and directing quality and long term organic traffic to your website. Our web development team delivers service-oriented 100% responsive (desktop and mobile-friendly) websites.

Why WordPress or Shopify?

Why Choose Guru SEO and Web Design Services?

Guru SEO and Web Design Services is a full service digital marketing agency based in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We have been developing custom websites for over 15 years.

We only develop custom websites.

We have a large team of website design, web development, content development and SEO resources specialized in developing responsive WordPress and Shopify websites which:

  • Increase traffic to retail stores,
  • Promote services,
  • Sell products (eCommerce),
  • Promote mobile games,
  • Promote blockchain projects,
  • Promote celebrity brands, and
  • Promote publicly traded stock, etc.

What sets us apart?

Clients choose us because we offer

  • A variety of payment options,
  • Every website we make is custom (we never use templates),
  • We have a large team of website design, web development, content development and SEO resources specialized in developing responsive WordPress and Shopify,
  • We develop exceptional websites, and
  • We offer custom solutions to make sure every client is completely satisfied and that every website caters to each specific requirement.

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Let's Work Together!

Let's Work Together! Gain quality traffic, increase your reach, position in your niche, and increase the chances of generating conversions. Stop losing business to your competition and position your website NOW!

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