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Where to Start with SEO – Create a Daily Checklist

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Looking to get started with SEO? Develop a daily checklist.

SEO is not something done one-time only and then left to God to take care of it. Search engine optimization consists of daily duties performed by an expert who analyzes changes and development and makes modifications to the site’s web pages. It is not an easy job; it takes time, and a checklist should be used as a reminder not to skip necessary steps. Some SEO specialists claim that they stay tuned in the industry changes and are up to date with the daily performance using a checklist. 

SEO daily checklist

Checking off Tasks in Daily SEO Checklist

Depending on the goals and the priority of the SEO segments, you can modify the checklist. However, it is essential to pay attention to critical elements that influence its ranking. That is why many specialists do not perceive it as a checklist rather than a habit that helps them be successful. 

Read the most recent SEO news.

We all know Google changes the algorithm every once in a while. The last thing SEO specialists need is to live through the nightmare of not knowing about the changes. Either way, even if there is no update, compiling a list of new SEO news notifications in the Google Alerts is an excellent way to read about other people’s experiences, knowledge and tools. 

Examine and Prioritize Task List

Making a list of daily tasks in your SEO schedule is a positive habit you can create each day. That way, you stay on top of pressing matters and keep to deadlines. 

Watch Google Search Console

Google search console is a great tool to keep track of a website’s traffic, most used keywords, and impressions. Following up on events each day can show whether or not there is growth on the site.

Examine Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another tool from the search engines repertoire. It can help show the bounce rate, demographics of the site’s audience, and traffic channels—all the helpful information when you plan a marketing campaign.

Daily SEO Checklist - Where to Start?

Perform a Competitor Analysis

One of the crucial elements of SEO is tracking what competitors are doing. There is much content out there, and many companies do it for the sake of keywords. However, as recent research has shown, Google rewards the content written for users, not machines. Therefore, creating better content than competitors is a sure-fire way to success. 

Track Website Speed

In trying to articulate the SEO campaign, many people forget about the image size, HTML, Java, and all that affect the page loading speed. It is a well-known fact that users do not have time or patience to wait for pages to load. Therefore anything that lasts longer than two seconds is too much. 

Go Through Keyword Ranking

The online world changes, and with it, the rankings change. SEO specialists monitor keyword rankings every day to stay on top of the game and competition. 

Optimize Content

As mentioned before, more content is uploaded every day. The point is to keep articles fresh and to the point. It includes writing for people, addressing their problems, and maintaining the keywords within the website’s niche. 

Long Story Short

There are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO. Although search engine algorithms are exact, there would be millions of successful people worldwide if everyone knew their secrets. Sometimes it seems like an everlasting game and competition with almighty Google, but sometimes it is fun and challenging. 

Monitoring progress each day can improve the success of your SEO efforts. A checklist can even be weekly and monthly tasks if that gives you a fresh spur to revise the SEO efforts continuously. In addition, lists help you maintain a certain degree of control over the site’s visibility in search results.

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